Thursday, April 19, 2012

Advice from the Pro

Hey Gang,
For those of you who missed out, we had an exceptional evening last week. I declare that our 3rd official Ladies Night was a bonafide success. The highlight for me was getting to meet and listen to Jamie Whitmore. She is incredibly cool and has an amazing story that is still being written. As the evening wound down I saddled up next to her and asked her what advice she would bestow on new riders.

So Jamie, what advice do you have for new cyclists? Get on your bike and ride!

What are your top 5 necessities for a ride? Tube, tire lever, pump, fuel, and the knowledge of how to use them. I didn't have any of those when I went out for my first bike ride. Oops!

Where are some of your favorite placed to ride? I used to ride Cantelow just outside of Davis. Super steep hill and great workout.

What keeps you going on the days that you don't want to ride? Honestly, I never don't want to ride. At least that's true of mountain biking. I can get a bit tired of the road bike and when  that happens I try do some cross-training so at least I'm still training that day and hope I feel more up for riding the next day.

Did you really wear underwear under your spandex for two weeks when you first started riding? I really did.

Yikes! I hope you have wandered over to Jamie's blog to get more of her story. To go from a World Class Xterra Athlete to cancer survivor, to Mom and back to athlete, while still being Mom is certainly not for the faint of heart. Luckily, I can assure that Jamie's heart is certainly strong and very big and is still smiling.

Thank for sharing with us Jamie!
Boss Lady Supreme, Susan Ashdown, Jamie Whitmore, Mini Boss Lady

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Here! It's Finally Here!

Ladies Night is upon us!
Come one, come all!
There's no time to fuss
Let's have a Ball!

Get on your bike
Walk on those feet
There's no time for fright
It's YOU I want to meet

We'll feed you food
We'll set you up right
We'll show you the goods
It'll be a great night

Bring questions and curiosity
We're at your disposal
Time to move at velocity
Please accept our proposal

Ladies, tonight is for you
Auctions, raffles, and prizes
You can bring your boys too
We want you ladies of all shapes and sizes!

Tonight is Ladies Night! 7pm at B&L Bike Shop. And if nothing else, come see me and my lion cut. If you're sweet and bearing treats I just might sing you a sonnet. See you soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Thursday: Mrs. Boss Lady Goes to Washington

Howdy Minions!

The Boss Lady recently returned from a little jaunt out to Washington D.C. I was really hoping for a signed photo of the president, but I guess I've over-estimated her level of street cred once again. Here's what she reported back to me after her trip:

My dearest Milo!

I recently made a trip to WashingtonDC for the semi-annual board meeting of the National Bicycle Dealers Association of which I serve on the board currently as the Second Vice President.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and spent the afternoon adjusting to the 3 hour time change. Sunday morning we went for a run around the National Monument dodging tourists as we circled the pond and enjoyed the beautiful views of the Cherry Trees being in bloom. Then we went bicycle store spying. Whenever we travel I love to check out other bike shops for display ideas and also just because I love bicycles. This trip took us to Revolution Cycles that has 5 locations in the DC area. We walked from their Georgetown location up to their flagship store in Clarendon.

This trip happened to be the same week as the National Bike Summit and so I also met up with lots of dealer and advocacy friends that were in DC to lobby on the hill Thursday.

Sounds like a great time.

Yay Bicycle Advocacy! Second Vice President? Does that mean you have to sit beneath that Biden guy? I'm so confused. You humans and your politics.

Outlaw cars! That's what I say.

We could have a Feline-Bike-A-Lution!

Who's with me?!

 . . . Anybody?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Changeable Wednesday

Hey Everybody,
Sorry you have not heard from me much this last week. We are in the middle of transitioning typists at the shop and things are just wonky. This new one needs a bit of work and may bring out my sassier side or else the job will never get finished. The girls are clearly having a hard time getting their acts together. Maybe it has something to do with this weather. One minute it's 70 and springy and then it begins raining . . . who's in charge here? Everyone has forgotten which way is up and who's supposed to be sitting down and writing down every wonderful word I say.

Luckily, it's a beautiful day today and I hope you're out riding your bike! Take advantage of the sunlight before the  weather turns back to dreary. I've lost hope in the faithfulness of Spring.

I'm sad to say that there may not be any items of the week this week, but I can happily tell you that you should start getting excited for Ladies Night!! It's coming up soon. Only 8 days away!

Till Tomorrow,