Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meow - Meow

Wow it is already a new year. It was a fun fall for me with all the new students showing up and meeting me. I seem to have a lot of new friends coming to see me all the time, I like that!

With winter in full swing, my hair is growing back and I look fat and happy. Happy yes, but just wait till spring and you will see I am the same trim and lean kitty I've always been. With the cold weather, I don't venture out on the sidewalk as much as I do during the warmer months, but I still love seeing everyone bustling about.

The boss lady has been traveling a lot lately, she promises to be around more this spring, but I think she really loves this work she is doing with WD-40 BIKE and keeping the NBDA (National Bicycle Dealers Association) on it's toes, now that she is the President. I want to travel with her to all this WD-40 BIKE stuff, she comes back with such fun stories. WD-40 BIKE is sponsoring the USGP Cyclocross Series this session and boss lady has been going to all the races and cleaning and lubing the racers bicycles. Check out this website if you aren't familiar with cyclocross -
Cyclocross looks like a pretty fun, aggressive sport and the videos are great fun to watch.

Well it is time for an afternoon snack and nap. Thanks for following ~ Meow Out!