Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Staff Tuesday: Matt

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a very Merry Christmas. The shop was a hustle and bustle of last minute shoppers last week, hopefully all the kiddos getting bicycles for Christmas were as excited as I was to watch them role out the store knowing someone little like me was going to have a wonderful Christmas surprise.

Tuesday has come and it is time I introduce to you Matt!
~ Also known as Powers~

Matt giving me love while I had to wear a stupid cone thingy for a cut I had!

Matt has been working for B&L Bike Shop for almost 2 years.
[He is a great minion as I can control every move he makes…meow meow]

Matt has chosen to not tell me how old he is or when he was born…
[Meow, this must mean I am not as in control of him as I thought]

Matt has 2 bicycles both Mountain Bikes; a Specialized Rock Hopper and his newest addition a Fuji Reveal 2.0! The longest Matt has ever ridden was 200+ miles for a Medium Level Mountain Bicycle Camp he went to in 2006. Matt enjoys going Mountain Bike riding on his days off with the other minions that partake in the mountain riding!

Matt has been ridding a bicycle since he was 3 years old and says he has loved it from the beginning. He says “While most kids would get a ride to school I would bike 10 miles there and back due to my enjoyment of riding!”

Matt began his work in the industry here at B&L Bike Shop and says he truly enjoys what the industry has to offer.

An interesting fact about Matt: He is ½ Peruvian

Matt is an interesting fellow, he talks to me a lot and for some reason seems to enjoy racing me down the stairs every morning! [I always win…]

So there you have it minions, Matt Powers!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Vacation time and wish everyone a very Happy New Years! Bring 2012 in with a bang and make it a great year!

My goal in 2012 is to get 100 people to follow my blog and 500 people to like my Facebook page, I think these are achievable numbers but I will need your help to achieve them.  Can you pledge to help me reach my goals in 2012?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Staff Tuesday: Christy

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Are you all ready for Christmas? I know I don’t have much to look forward to but a day of relaxation!
[This is really all a kitty like me needs!]

Hopefully, one of my minions or the Big Boss lady will drop off something yummy for my brothers Pedro and Maxxis and I!
[I’ll have to introduce those guys on here someday too]

Well it's Tuesday and I’m super excited to tell you about the lady who manages B&L Bike Shop and B&L too… I call her the Little Boss Lady as she is the daughter of Beth, the Big Boss Lady, who I introduced to you a few weeks back!

So without further Kitty-a-due I introduce to you Christy!
~ Also know as Little Rita and the Little Boss Lady~

Christy has been working here full time for the past 3 years and has been the manager for the past 2 years! Christy spent every summer and school break at the shop when she was visiting her Mom from Washington, so she knows the ins and outs of this place. [I thought I was the only one who knew all the ins and outs. Well I at least have all the knowledge of the good hiding places in the place going for me!]

Christy was born on October 20th, 1988. She is a very happy and outgoing 23 years old! Not your typical 23 year old girl though. [Managing this place and all… meow... meow... man it has to be hard work, glad it’s her and not ME-OW]

Christy loves cycling but says she wishes she could do it more than she does.  She has an Electra Cruiser 1 outfitted to ride to and from school, as well as a Fuji SL-Comp (full carbon fiber bicycle) that she would love to ride much much more! To the right is a picture of Christy on her road bike. 

Christy says “Riding is an amazing thing for me. I feel it opens my mind and lets me relax. I feel as I have accomplished something every time I take a ride on my bike!”

An interesting fact about Christy: She was born in Virginia, raised in Washington and moved to California in 2008! Also she was once Rodeo Princess in 4-H when she rode horses! [Guess she traded in the horses for bicycles when she came to Cali!]

So there you have it for the Little Boss Lady. I love her to death; she always makes a point to make me a part her day when shes at work!

Just an FYI the shop will be open through Christmas Eve’ closing at 3:00 on Saturday December 24th, make sure if you are having us hold on to those larger Christmas gifts that you get in and pick it up by then.

I also hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and that the time spent with your families is cherished.  

I will be skipping Items of the Week for the next couple of Sundays as it will be Christmas and the following Sunday is New Years Day. Please still Tune in next Tuesday for Staff Tuesdays were I introduce Matt who can be quite the character.  I will also have special posts on Christmas and New Years that I would love you to tune in for as well!

Till then, I leave you with a thought from Christy:
"Live, Laugh and Love.  LIVE everyday like it’s your last, LAUGH daily as you’ll live longer and LOVE absolutely everyone who crosses your path!”

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Dec 18th - Items of the Week!

Meow, Meow, Meow Christmas Time!!! 
I personally love Christmas time as I get to lay under the Christmas Tree at the Bike Shop. I also seem to get an extra amount of treats and all those kiddos eating cookies at our store on Thursday Holiday shopping nights and the weekend drop lots of crumbs for me to pick up! Treats and crumbs aside, I just love the season of giving! 

Today I want to keep everyone up to date about the wonderful 12 days of Christmas Specials B&L Bike Shop/B&L too... have given to all of you this year! 

Below I have listed the remaining 6 days of the 12 Days of Christmas specials! I hope everyone gets a chance to partake in one of the specials graciously given and that of course you stop by and say "HI" to me!

On the 6th day of Christmas Sunday, Dec 18th 
B&L gave to me:
 15% off Pedals! 

On the 7th day of Christmas  Monday, Dec 19th 
B&L gave to me:
  20% off Fenders!

On the 8th day of Christmas Tuesday, Dec 20th
 B&L gave to me: 
 10% off Front and Rear Light combos!  

On the 9th day of Christmas Wednesday, Dec 21st
 B&L gave to me: 
FREE Stop Flat installation! 
*with purchase of stop flat tire liners. 
**May be included with Liners as a gift certificate.

On the 10th day of Christmas Thursday, Dec 22nd
 B&L gave to me:
50% off repair classes! 

On the 11th day of Christmas Friday, Dec 23rd
B&L gave to me:
30% off any one jersey!

 On the 12th day of Christmas Saturday, Dec 24th
 B&L Gave to me:
 5% off my entire purchase!

 We also have lots of stocking stuffer items between both of our stores.  Make sure you stop in before Christmas and pick up the perfect items for the cyclists in your family! 

Some Stocking Stuffer Ideas for you that are under $25.00: 

* Tire Levers
* Jewelry
*Valve Caps 
* Pint Glasses 
*Chain Lube
*Powerbar Bars and Gel 
*GU Energy Gel
*Tire Liners 
*Bike Glow Lighting 
*Gift Cards 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Staff Tuesday: Jesse

Happy Tuesday! I apologies for missing last weeks Staff Tuesday! Things had been crazy around the store with all of the preparation for the Customer Appreciation Night that we had this last Sunday! Which I have to meow went over purrrfectly! I hope you were able to join us for the fun filled night! If you couldn’t make it you missed out, and will want to make sure you join us when we have another.

With out further kitty-a-due-due I would like to introduce to you Jesse! Another one of the new minions I have allowed to join the team here at B&L!

Above is a picture of Jesse showing off his mad skills. Maybe I could do that if I were human!!! Meow?

Jesse started working for us in November and has been a great addition to the team. [or so I hear]

Jesse just recently turned 40 on November 22nd! Happy belated birthday to him! 

Jesse has a total of 4 bicycles, a couple Schwinn's, a Turner D HR, and a BMX bike! 

The longest distance Jesse has ever ridden was when he once went on a Double Century work ride at a previous job. So 200 miles.. meow...meow that's a lot of miles!

Jesse says he enjoys riding his bicycles because it relaxes him!
[I know sleeping relaxes me, maybe I should take up cycling]

An interesting fact about Jesse is that he has had over 20 surgeries...meow that's right 20!... and he says he still feels G-R-E-A-T!!!

Jesse has been in the bicycle industry for about 15 years! [If I can have it in my own kitty ways he wont be going anywhere else anytime soon]

I do have a message for Jesse though and that is that he needs to stop running over my tail with bicycles. It is really starting to hurt! My poor poor tail! Meow Meow Meow!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Season and Customer Appreciation Night

Minions ~ 

I want to send my apologies for my horrible blogging this last week! We have busy getting the store into the Holiday Spirit and for our Customer Appreciation Night coming up this weekend! My little paws are tired from all the running around the shop and it takes a lot out of me to type up my posts! [Meow, my little paws] I will get back to my regular blogging next week!

The store is already for the Holiday Season

As I stated above we have been busy getting ready for out Customer Appreciation Night coming up this Sunday! I wanted to extend a very furry loving invite along to all of you!  So please join us for this splendid evening!
*Details of the event are below

 Join us on December 11th from 5pm-7pm
For our Customer Appreciation Night 
in Honor of B&L too...'s 1 Year Anniversary 

Join us for 
Bicycle Specials
 A Brake and Derailleur quick adjustment workshop
 10% off your entire purchase at B&L too...
Raffle for Swag from our Vendors ($1 tickets) 
We will even be raffling off a child's bicycle!!!!
*raffle proceeds benefit Davis Bicycles Schools Committee Save a Gallon Program
The Staff at your disposal 
Milo the Shop Cat 
and lots of Fun! 

Mark your Calendars for December 11th from 5pm-7pm
you don't want to miss out on a fun filled Night with the B&L Bike Shop and B&L too... gang! And just in time to finish up your Christmas shopping! 

For more information Contact Christy