Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Staff Tuesday: Matt

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a very Merry Christmas. The shop was a hustle and bustle of last minute shoppers last week, hopefully all the kiddos getting bicycles for Christmas were as excited as I was to watch them role out the store knowing someone little like me was going to have a wonderful Christmas surprise.

Tuesday has come and it is time I introduce to you Matt!
~ Also known as Powers~

Matt giving me love while I had to wear a stupid cone thingy for a cut I had!

Matt has been working for B&L Bike Shop for almost 2 years.
[He is a great minion as I can control every move he makes…meow meow]

Matt has chosen to not tell me how old he is or when he was born…
[Meow, this must mean I am not as in control of him as I thought]

Matt has 2 bicycles both Mountain Bikes; a Specialized Rock Hopper and his newest addition a Fuji Reveal 2.0! The longest Matt has ever ridden was 200+ miles for a Medium Level Mountain Bicycle Camp he went to in 2006. Matt enjoys going Mountain Bike riding on his days off with the other minions that partake in the mountain riding!

Matt has been ridding a bicycle since he was 3 years old and says he has loved it from the beginning. He says “While most kids would get a ride to school I would bike 10 miles there and back due to my enjoyment of riding!”

Matt began his work in the industry here at B&L Bike Shop and says he truly enjoys what the industry has to offer.

An interesting fact about Matt: He is ½ Peruvian

Matt is an interesting fellow, he talks to me a lot and for some reason seems to enjoy racing me down the stairs every morning! [I always win…]

So there you have it minions, Matt Powers!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Vacation time and wish everyone a very Happy New Years! Bring 2012 in with a bang and make it a great year!

My goal in 2012 is to get 100 people to follow my blog and 500 people to like my Facebook page, I think these are achievable numbers but I will need your help to achieve them.  Can you pledge to help me reach my goals in 2012?

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