Sunday, August 24, 2014

Some Explaination

I think I need to explain—my minion, the one I posted that dorky picture of in my last post, she caught me in the boss lady's basket for Burning Man and posted it to the blog. Not sure how she got my password and it’s quite possibly the worst picture of me, but I guess I can let it go. I did post that awful picture of her and she gives me lots of greenies.

In answer to why I was hanging out in the boss lady's Burning Man bike basket….I was hoping to stow away so she could take me with her. Don’t get me wrong, the heat in the day and the dust, not a fan. Can you imagine how much work for the minions to get me clean after that? No thank you! But the nights? I think I can get behind the nights.  The lights, the sounds, so many people to admire my magnificence…this is an event made for me.  And so many wonderfully decorated bikes with beads and lights and unicorns, there are unicorns in the desert! I am so there if there are unicorns that light up.

The boss lady has been going for the last five years and has a blast every time. You can see some of the cool things she has on her bike in that bad picture of me - the flowers, wild yarns and lights should be very easy to spot.  You can take a look at all the other fun things we have for your Burning Man steed here in the shop.The iridescent streamers, neon lights and spoke beads are hard to miss.  Fair warning though, you will have to supply your own unicorn. 

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