Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Any Excuse to Ride: I Ride, Izip!

The other day I had the pleasure of hanging with an exceptional human being, Lee Meddin. Lee has been popping in and out of our shop, thanks to his new Izip bicycle! If you aren't cool and in-the-know about Izip, well you're in for a treat. Izip bikes are powered by electricity. You heard me right: e-lec-tric bikes! These bikes are so amazing in fact, that LAPD is beginning to explore the wonders and benefits of these babies. Onto my electrifying conversation with our own Davisite, Lee...

Lee has the Izip Via Rapido Diamond Frame in Black.

Thanks, Milo! Having this Izip bike, I've found that I constantly look for excuses to get out and ride! Not only do I center my day around riding my bike, I keep discovering cool things I enjoy about riding.

Why did you choose the Izip bike over a traditional bike?
Well, I went into B & L to look at cruisers. I ended up taking the Izip out for a test ride, and now it's my main mode of transportation. I have Parkinson's, and riding a bike (and dancing!) are great for people with the disease. While Parkinson's affects different motor skills when walking or other activities, bike riding is unaffected!

What do you like most about the Izip?
With the Izip I can carry as much as I want, thanks to the electric assistance. Wind, hills - it doesn't matter! I love that people think I must be super buff when I'm going 17mph past them without huffing or puffing.

Bike vs. Car... go.
When it comes to the argument "Bike vs. Car", biking is cheap! It just makes sense, especially when my 1993 Ford Explorer takes $65 to fill up. I also get exercise, plus in Davis, you can get anywhere by bike. The fresh air feels better, and I can see what's going on around me because I'm outside. The Izip is environmentally friendly in many ways, the amount of electricity it uses is minimal. I used to get tired on my commute to UCD, especially when that 4 miles was against the wind. Now, I can go faster and have fun on the ride.

Do you have a favorite ride around Davis?

I love the ride from Stonegate to Downtown through Village Homes. The best part is finding how many different combinations you can find to get to UCD.

What's the coolest thing you've seen while riding your bike?
The coolest thing that's happened while riding is that I saw my own son riding in the other direction on one of the bike paths. He didn't even notice that it was his dad that had just passed him. I was able to get a glimpse of how he was with his friends without knowing his dad was watching.

Very cool. Thanks again, Lee, for coming in to chat and rave to us about your Izip bike. Folks, there it is.. if you're on the fence and weighing the pros and cons of riding vs driving, this is your call to come test ride one of our electric bikes.

And, Milo Out!

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