Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Thoughts

Meow..... Meow......

I can't believe it is almost July already. The heat is setting in, my lion cut is fading away and I think it is time for the boss lady to get me all fancied up again. June has been a crazy month. I have a couple new minions I am working on training and the boss lady has returned from vacation and is taking really good care of me again. I don't get nearly as many treats when she is away.

I hope to do much better with my blog as the summer moves on, so stay tuned and if you have any great ideas or topics you would like me to talk about please send me your thoughts, .

Rumor has it there is a huge sale coming in July. Something about the sidewalk being on sale....... stay tuned for more information, I hope to uncover the full story of this sidewalk sale.

Milo out! Meow Meow!

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