Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Missing in Action

Meow Meow... I'm so sorry, I have been missing in action. My ghost writers were transitioning last month and then things kinda fell to the wayside.

Now it looks as my both my ghost writers are leaving the shop to further their education. I am one sad little kitty, but wish them the best of luck. Hopefully they will stop by now and then to see me... They're the only ones who know all my thoughts and how much I love my greenies . How will I ever find anyone who knows me like these girls do?

You would have know them as Christy & Emelia 
Christy is sporting the pink helmet and Emelia is in the white one! 

So please hold tight for the next month or so while I spend some time hunting for a new ghost writer. Hopefully I will find someone who fits my needs and can understand my meows.

I hope you all find yourself too busy riding your bicycles to worry about when my blog will be back up and running. Until it is... have a wonderful summer and don't forget to stop by and say "HI" to me. I am running low on greenies just as a heads up.

- Milo out

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