Thursday, April 19, 2012

Advice from the Pro

Hey Gang,
For those of you who missed out, we had an exceptional evening last week. I declare that our 3rd official Ladies Night was a bonafide success. The highlight for me was getting to meet and listen to Jamie Whitmore. She is incredibly cool and has an amazing story that is still being written. As the evening wound down I saddled up next to her and asked her what advice she would bestow on new riders.

So Jamie, what advice do you have for new cyclists? Get on your bike and ride!

What are your top 5 necessities for a ride? Tube, tire lever, pump, fuel, and the knowledge of how to use them. I didn't have any of those when I went out for my first bike ride. Oops!

Where are some of your favorite placed to ride? I used to ride Cantelow just outside of Davis. Super steep hill and great workout.

What keeps you going on the days that you don't want to ride? Honestly, I never don't want to ride. At least that's true of mountain biking. I can get a bit tired of the road bike and when  that happens I try do some cross-training so at least I'm still training that day and hope I feel more up for riding the next day.

Did you really wear underwear under your spandex for two weeks when you first started riding? I really did.

Yikes! I hope you have wandered over to Jamie's blog to get more of her story. To go from a World Class Xterra Athlete to cancer survivor, to Mom and back to athlete, while still being Mom is certainly not for the faint of heart. Luckily, I can assure that Jamie's heart is certainly strong and very big and is still smiling.

Thank for sharing with us Jamie!
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