Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Here! It's Finally Here!

Ladies Night is upon us!
Come one, come all!
There's no time to fuss
Let's have a Ball!

Get on your bike
Walk on those feet
There's no time for fright
It's YOU I want to meet

We'll feed you food
We'll set you up right
We'll show you the goods
It'll be a great night

Bring questions and curiosity
We're at your disposal
Time to move at velocity
Please accept our proposal

Ladies, tonight is for you
Auctions, raffles, and prizes
You can bring your boys too
We want you ladies of all shapes and sizes!

Tonight is Ladies Night! 7pm at B&L Bike Shop. And if nothing else, come see me and my lion cut. If you're sweet and bearing treats I just might sing you a sonnet. See you soon!

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