Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Thursday: Mrs. Boss Lady Goes to Washington

Howdy Minions!

The Boss Lady recently returned from a little jaunt out to Washington D.C. I was really hoping for a signed photo of the president, but I guess I've over-estimated her level of street cred once again. Here's what she reported back to me after her trip:

My dearest Milo!

I recently made a trip to WashingtonDC for the semi-annual board meeting of the National Bicycle Dealers Association of which I serve on the board currently as the Second Vice President.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and spent the afternoon adjusting to the 3 hour time change. Sunday morning we went for a run around the National Monument dodging tourists as we circled the pond and enjoyed the beautiful views of the Cherry Trees being in bloom. Then we went bicycle store spying. Whenever we travel I love to check out other bike shops for display ideas and also just because I love bicycles. This trip took us to Revolution Cycles that has 5 locations in the DC area. We walked from their Georgetown location up to their flagship store in Clarendon.

This trip happened to be the same week as the National Bike Summit and so I also met up with lots of dealer and advocacy friends that were in DC to lobby on the hill Thursday.

Sounds like a great time.

Yay Bicycle Advocacy! Second Vice President? Does that mean you have to sit beneath that Biden guy? I'm so confused. You humans and your politics.

Outlaw cars! That's what I say.

We could have a Feline-Bike-A-Lution!

Who's with me?!

 . . . Anybody?

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