Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Changeable Wednesday

Hey Everybody,
Sorry you have not heard from me much this last week. We are in the middle of transitioning typists at the shop and things are just wonky. This new one needs a bit of work and may bring out my sassier side or else the job will never get finished. The girls are clearly having a hard time getting their acts together. Maybe it has something to do with this weather. One minute it's 70 and springy and then it begins raining . . . who's in charge here? Everyone has forgotten which way is up and who's supposed to be sitting down and writing down every wonderful word I say.

Luckily, it's a beautiful day today and I hope you're out riding your bike! Take advantage of the sunlight before the  weather turns back to dreary. I've lost hope in the faithfulness of Spring.

I'm sad to say that there may not be any items of the week this week, but I can happily tell you that you should start getting excited for Ladies Night!! It's coming up soon. Only 8 days away!

Till Tomorrow,

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