Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Commuting Chronicles: Racing Daylight

 I’ve been watching you humans for some time now and I see the same frustrations and stress over and over again. You let the same things wear you down little by little. You could learn a thing or two from a cat. We know how to relax and enjoy things.

 Just the other day I discovered a new blade of grass at the base of the tree just outside of B & L Too and it was mesmerizing. The sky has been stuffed with puffy, white and gray clouds. It’s new life growing and if you’re going too fast you’ll miss out on some simply beautiful things.


My most recent project is getting Emelia on her bike more. She lives in Woodland and has been reluctant to give up the 10 extra minutes she needs in order to commute by bike. And yes, it really is only 10 extra minutes to ride all the way from Woodland than it is to drive, park, and walk to work.


 The other day she lolly-gagged around the shop and headed home later than expected, but was greatly rewarded. Not only did she get an extra workout because she was racing daylight and is still without lights, she rode home beneath a beautiful sky and was surrounded by the peace of twilight. Not a bad way to end a day I say.

Question of the Moment: What are some beautiful things you’ve seen while commuting by bike?
Ride on. Ride Strong.
Milo Out.


Theresa said...

If it's a clear enough morning you can see hot air balloons just after dawn while riding west on the Yolo causeway. As you get closer to Davis more and more of them become visible as they rise above the mountain backdrop. Counting the hot air balloons makes that stretch go by a little faster.

Milo's Corner said...

Theresa, That sounds lovely! What a way to start the day.