Saturday, April 2, 2011

Milo's Lonely Saddles Club

Hey Gang! So, it's Saturday and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I hope everyone is taking advantage of the warmth and sunshine by getting out and riding their bikes. If not, shame shame on you.

This morning two very cute girls sat outside of B & L at 7:30am hoping that some of you guys would come out to ride with them. Did you? Nope, not a one. Same thing happened with Christy and Emelia a few weeks ago.

I know the flyer says 20 miles, but really it probably won't be that long of a ride since Emelia has to open the store at 9am and look a little less ragamuffin-y and she's definitely out of shape [HEY!]. I only speak the truth. This was Rachelle's first real-ish ride and she did marvelous on the little 12 mile jaunt.

Just so you know, the girls told me that the quiet countryside was positively gorgeous this morning even in their bleary-eyed state. While you slumbered and sawed, Rachelle and Emelia pedaled about and topped the morning off with coffee and pastries from the farmer's market. When Emelia wasn't looking I snagged a bit of her strawberry and cream cheese danish and it was delicious! [YOU DID WHAT?!?!] Finder's keeper's, sucker.

Follow my/"our"Twitter or become a follower of the blog (you know you want to be one of my minions) and be updated on shop rides, routes, and news. Next week, I expect to see more of you in front of the shop next Saturday so that these frowns will be turned upside down.

Christy and Emelia sad to be riding "totawee awone"
P.S. Feel free to bring me cheese danishes and some tortillas with mango chutney and some of that funky green spread when you're done.

Milo Out.

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