Monday, April 18, 2011

Milo's Makeover Monday: Hydrate or Die Edition

Good Meow-orning! So, the weather is beginning to warm up and I want everyone to remember one, very important thing: Hydrate or Die.

Seriously Guys! Proper hydration could be the difference between a happy, healthy spring and summer or days of nausea and fatigue. I'll take the former thank you very much. We've all probably heard that you humans should drink about 8 glasses of water to replenish what you've lost throughout the day. If you're riding your bicycle, like you should be, you'll need more water.

So for this installment of Makeover Monday I'd like to encourage you guys and gals to get out there and get hydrated! Accessorize with a snazzy new water bottle! We have lots of cool new Camelbak bottles for school, work, or an afternoon around town. We even just got some in that have a filter inside the straw in case you're like me and don't enjoy the traditional taste of Davis water.We have Klean Kanteens too.  One of our staff even has one that's been run over by a car and is still used to this day!
  So remember: Hydration is Sexy. Accessorize people! I want to see this closet of overstock empty by June.

Milo Out.

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