Monday, April 4, 2011

Milo's Makeover Monday Take 2!

It's Makeover Monday! The staff has been busy helping lots of new riders find bikes now that the weather is a little is more bike friendly. Since everybody is occupied at the moment, I think it is time I introduced y'all to my two shop buddies.

They've taken a vow of silence or something, because even though we've hung out every day since December, they still won't tell me their names. Anyhow, I am feeling light and breezy as the spring winds begin to warm everyone up. Since they couldn't speak up to complain I dressed them up in what I felt was a suitable outfit to ride around town in today.
"Gas Sucks"Tee by KHS and Mountain Trail baggy riding shorts by Canari
 I don't drive, but I've been hearing too many humans complain about the rising gas prices. Namely Emelia who has vowed to only ride her bike to work for all of April, heh, fat chance [I can do it Milo! You just wait and see]. Pipe dreams aside, what better way to stick it to those poor, gas guzzling fools than a t-shirt that says it all in its own short, sweet way?

"Gear" socks by Sock Guy and Bicycle Gem Necklace by DHBetty
For the lady, I decided it was time to bust out the skort. You heard me ladies, skort. It's feminine, it's flattering, and it's faaaaabulous. It's tough for some of the girls to feel comfortable in bike shorts, especially when starting out and this skort by Canari really takes the edge off without compromising the comfort of traditional cycling shorts. Ride on ladies!
Pretty in Pink, Canari Cross-Sport Tank and SKORT!

 I need your help naming my new friends. I'll take recommendations for the next week from anyone who becomes my follower before the next installment of Makeover Monday and I'll have a little treat for the winners. So bust out those baby-naming books and get creative!

The boss lady has given me the go-ahead to offer 10% off of any complete outfit that I showcase on my Makeover Monday's for the rest of the day. But the deal only lasts for the day, so become my follower so you can look good riding without breaking a sweat over your bank account.

It's almost lunch time and that means I have Zia's patrons to beg from. Oh I love prosciutto on a lovely spring afternoon.

Milo Out!

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