Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogging Failure and Redemption

Two things:
First, this is what happens when I let the staff have too much leniency with the blog. They mess it all up. Did anyone else notice that the lastest post title had absolutely nothing to do with the content? Yeah, thirty lashes for her. I intended to review the movie I saw on Tuesday, but somebody messed everything up and wrote about Bike to work day.

Anyhow, I ran over to the Varsity theater and saw With My Own Two Wheels. It was a fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief. I am so excited for how bicycles are capable of changing the lives of people all over the world. Go check out the film if you still can and find a way to get involved!

Second thing, tomorrow is the big Bike Loopalooza!! Here's information I'm copying and pasting from Davis Bicycles!

Bike Loopalooza! Sunday May 22, 10 AM to 3 PM

Sunday, May 22 is the second annual Bike Loopalooza! This family-oriented bike ride showcases the Davis Bike Loop’s proximity to schools.  Similar to last year, this year’s event will feature 11 stations located on the bike loop between 0.5  and 1.75 miles apart. The event lasts from 10 am to 3 pm.
Families can check in at any of the stations to obtain a passport.  A liability waiver for adults, and signed permission for children is required to obtain the passport, and we will be asking for a small donation to defray the costs of the insurance and printing.  With passport in hand, families can ride however far along the loop they want, stopping at the stations to get the passport stamped and to participate in whatever activity is available at that station.  Small prizes will be given for kids who have at least three passport stamps and the highly-valued certificate of completion will be given to each child who completes the full 12-mile circle.  A limited supply of Loopalooza logo water bottles will be available at many stations for those needing refreshment.  Clif Bars will be free at all stations for those needing quick energy.
Participants riding between Stations 10 and 11 (Patwin School and Sycamore/Willett) from 10 AM to about 11 AM can cheer the Positive Energy Kids Triathlon racers and may be asked to wait briefly for the triathletes to finish a segment.
  • Suggested donation:  $2.00
  • Water bottles with Loopalooza logo: $10, which includes the suggested donation if you purchase it at check-in.
  • Snacks: Energy bars and salty snacks at $2.o0
Go check it out everybody!
Milo Out!

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