Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May is Bike Month!

I am SO excited for May because it's BIKE MONTH! We're celebrating the marvelous joy that is bicycling. For whatever reason you ride, we want to celebrate with you! We have tons and tons of fun things going on:
  • The guys and gals at the shop are teaming up with the gang over at TMA for a fun BIKE TO WORK DAY event on May 11 at Central Park! Come out early for breakfast and other awesomeness. The Fun starts at 7am and earlier for you crazy early birds. We'll be raffling off some goodies too!
  • We have an ongoing contest that just started at B & L Too! Stop by on your commute and let the girls interview you and take your picture and you'll be entered to win a goody bag worth over $125! (I had a lot of fun picking out items I think you guys will really enjoy). You might even end up in the blog!
  • Stop by and check out our Pedal Saver deals for the whole month We're offering 10% off on Wednesdays (excluding bikes) if you roll in on your bike. 
  • Go register at :May is Bike Month and get in on the fun!
  •  We're continuing our Great American Bike sale till May 9th!
  • Encourage friends to start commuting! The weather is perfect and the community is blossoming. How much more fun would that morning commute be with a friendly conversation to accompany it?
  • You know what else May is? May is bring Milo treats month . . . oh wait, that's every month!
Please ring your bell when you pass B & L!

Bike away my friends!

Milo Out!

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