Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Milo's Movie Review

Hi Everybody! I didn't mean to neglect you over the last week. Blogger has been glitchy and my scribe was away from the shop for a few days. What could possibly be more important than taking down and reporting my every thought and word? [Nothing Milo, absolutely nothing] That's what I . . . hey, is that sarcasm I detect? Anyhow, May is Bike Month is halfway over and Mother nature seems to be testing our bicycling fortitude like no other. What happened to shorts and May Flowers? Hmmm??

Even with chilling winds beating at our spokes, we saw a lot of friendly, commuting folks in the wee hours of the morning at Bike to Work day last week. The girls woke up bright and early to hand out water bottles with special shop discounts inside, meet marvelous, local commuters, and raffle off free stuff!

Thanks for coming out and hanging with us!

Milo Out.

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