Monday, May 9, 2011

MMM! Bicycling and Ice Cream: A perfect summer’s blend

Hey Everybody: Today's Milo's Makeover Monday item is Ice Cream!! It's the tastiest makeover Monday we've had yet.

As most Davis Dwellers should know, Tuesdays are $1 Scoop Nights at Baskin Robbins, which just happens to be around the corner from the shop. Every Tuesday I watch the silly staff count down the hours. The boys usually run into B & L Too and emphatically ask, “IS IT TIME YET?!?!” as if it were Christmas morning.

Waiting for ice cream can shave decades off of any person’s maturity level. Don’t even get me started on the fiasco that ensued after one of the girls thought that dollar scoops were an all-day event and learned that it is only from 6pm to 10pm. All I’ll say is that there may have been weeping and wailing.

There’s something about riding a bicycle that makes consuming those delicious scoops of frozen cream a guiltless experience. As the weather warms up and the classic California summer nights begin, think about getting on your bike with the family, friend, or loved one and riding to downtown for a walk on the sparkling sidewalks and an ice cream cone. Few things are more summery than bikes and ice cream. Just look at Beth and Christy sharing a precious family moment.

When I think of overhauling how people ride I'm thinking in a range from gear, to style, to lifestyle. Ice Cream has made many a long ride or family outing that much sweeter, so think about adding it to your next ride! I promise you won't regret it.

Question of the moment: What sorts of activities or memories go along with summer for you?

Happy Pedaling!

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