Thursday, May 5, 2011

Commuting Towards Community

Robin Souza, UCD's admissions, registrar, student affairs office of technology extraordinaire, knows how to take her time and choose well. When she decided it was time to purchase a new bike for commuting between home and the university, she spent over a year researching different bicycles. After a lengthy process of elimination, she decided upon a KHS Urban X-Press. The speedy, new commuter bicycle has been christened "Samantha" after the Sanskrit word for "balance." I asked Robin what drew her to commuting by bicycling and she responded, "When I commute, I see life on a different level. I feel the community more. And sometimes it's faster than a car!" Well Robin, may your balance remain strong and even.

Happy Pedaling!

Robin and Samantha

Here's a fun fact: When Robin first moved to Davis, her, then, boyfriend was aghast to find out that she did not have a bike! He couldn't let her move to Davis without owning a bicycle, and so he purchased her first bicycle from B & L back in 1980. Thirty years later, they are married and still riding. It goes to show you, couples who pedal together stay together. Bicycling and Love . . . is there anything else that goes so well together? 

A few days ago we got this message from Robin: Love my new bike! Have been commuting on her to work every day now!

Horrah! Keep on going!


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