Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Staff Tuesdays: Dan

Happy Tuesday! Did you check out the sale items this week on yesterday’s post? If not, stop by our website at www.blbikeshop.com to check them out. I have to say this week’s Items are pretty awesome!

Today I am introducing a newer minion who is pretty thrilled with the outcome of the Super Bowl this year! Dan is from New York so he’s quite the Giants fan!.

I would like to introduce Dan to you.

Dan started working at the bicycle shop in November. He has been a wonderful addition to the minions in the repair shop. He is very good at his work and one of the cleanest mechanics I have seen around in the shop over the years.

The boss ladies really like that he keeps the place clean when he’s working.
Dan is an August baby like Dave. He was born on the 10th in 1985!

Dan has a FMB Maneater BMX bike and from the sounds of it is looking into building himself up another BMX bike.

Dan likes riding his BMX bike because it is relaxing and fun. 

An Interesting fact about Dan: He has a Mechanical Engineering Degree and he never shares any of his food with me... meany... 

Dan has been riding bicycles for 16 years. Wow I can’t even image... I wish I had something I enjoyed doing so much for so long... Oh wait I do… I like sleeping!

So there you have it, that’s Dan in a nutshell. I have Pierre left to introduce to you along with my brothers Maxxis and Pedro. Although we are in the process of hiring so I will have more minions to introduce once the hiring has happened. 

Interested in working at B&L Bike Shop and becoming one of my minions? Stop by the shop today and pick up and application. I've been told interviews will begin in a couple of weeks. 

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Well until my next post, I leave you with a quote from Dan

“By any mean necessary" - Malcolm X 

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