Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Staff Tuesdays: Say GoodBye

Staff Tuesdays have come to an end as of now; however, we are in the process of hiring. In a few weeks I might have a couple new minions to introduce to you.

For now I will be canceling my Staff Tuesday postings and will begin a new segment that I would like to call, “Milo’s Random Thursdays.”

On Thursday you can look forward to reading about my random tid-bits. They may be about a staff member, myself (MEOW), bicycle rides, events, etc… If you have a random bicycle related tid-bit you would like me to share for you, please email your tid-bit to milo@blbikeshop.com

You can still look forward to my normal “Monday Item of the Week” posting and maybe a random staff Tuesday here and there. As new minions come aboard I might be able to get in a Staff Tuesday or two.

Milo’s Random Thursdays will start this Thursday, March 1st. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I think I am going to enjoy writing them.

Milo out 

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