Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Thursdays

Happy almost end of the week to everyone. It looks like the weather is going to play nice this weekend and bring some warmer, sunnier days back.
Today marks the first post of my new segment “Random Thursdays.” I hope you come to find these posts to be entertaining and informational. 

Fuji Bicycle Company and Bicycle Retailer, the industries magazine, came to town for a visit on Tuesday. They were in town to do a tour of the many bicycle shops we have in Davis. Lucky for us they spent quite a bit of time in our store as we are the FUJI dealers.
They took lots of pictures of me. 

Hopefully, I will end up in the article they write up. I will most definitely showcase the article on here if I do.

 <<I even got to drive the Fuji Van!

Showing off for the Fuji
and Bicycle Retailer Gang!>>
Beth leading the pack through the Davis Loop
Beth & Christy took the whole team on a tour around town on the Davis Bicycle Loop!
Here are a few more pictures from their visit:

So that’s what happened around the shop this week. The staff was in a frenzy last week, making sure the store was in tip-top shape for its guests.
I think I ran from the vacuum more than I normally do.

Don’t forget to check out NAHBS this weekend.  The National American Handmade Bicycle Show being held at the Sacramento Convention Center Friday – Sunday. For more information on the show visit

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