Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Thursday: Rainy Day riding

Rain Rain . . . You can go away if you want, but I'll still like you.

To be honest, I'm enjoying this blustery weather. Gray skies, rain drops and green grass make me a happy kitty as I watch from the safety and comfort of the shop. I hope you folks aren't letting the rain keep you off of your bicycle! I'm willing to give you a free pass for not riding in the wind, but the rain is another matter. Since the forecast looks unrelenting, I trotted around the shop and asked some of B&L's finest for advice on rainy day riding.

5 Tips for Rainy Day Riding

1. Just get on the bike and ride. I know it looks scary and wet, but you can do it!

2. Invest in proper rain gear.  Are you exercising or commuting?  Is it breathable? Showing up to work drenched in your own sweat because you thought the black plastic trash bag would be a great substitute for a rain jacket is not a good idea. Kids will point and laugh and say, "Look at that wet raisin on his bike! Silly raisin." Seriously, invest in good gear and help end unnecessary raisin persecution.
3. Avoid painted surfaces.They're slicker than normal. Be careful!

4. Use clear eyewear. Sunglasses with clear lenses are great for keeping the rain drops from stinging your eyeballs. If you're not into multiple lenses, one of your staff members uses old lab glasses. You can go from lab nerd to awesome with the simple addition of a bike!

5. Aftercare: Dry your bike thoroughly. During the rainy season you may hear your bike begin to creak, specifically around your bottom bracket. If the creaking becomes too annoying, or when the rainy season comes to an end, it's time to service your bottom bracket and have the threads re-greased. You can do this yourself or take it to your local bike shop . . . huh . . . I wonder where I could find a place to have this done . . . hmm . . .

This is a picture of a bottom bracket taken from the ever-helpful Sheldon Brown
Don't let the rain get you down and out. Just imagine how amazing that cup of coffee or bowl of soup is going to be when you get home?? Enjoy it! You've earned it! You trooper you!

Milo Out

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