Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Staff Tuesdays: Pedro & Maxxis

Happy Tuesday! Today I am posting a picture blog of my brothers Pedro and Maxxis! 
P&M are not big fans of people so they hang out upstairs and run for their lives when one of the shop minions goes upstairs.  

Pedro picks out a few people every once in awhile to be friends with but on his own terms. Maxxis will stop and give you a "deer in the headlights" look until you take one more step and then he bolts!

Every once in awhile the minions are lucky enough to see them lounging around on the staircase. Normally on sunny days when they can soak up some sun! 

This is Maxxis 
This is Pedro

Maxxis likes to snuggle with me in the lock room
Pedro is the daring one.. he ventures into the office once in a while!

Isn't he the cutest brother you ever did see!

King of the Printers

Hey whats that coming out of this thing!
As you can see Pedro is a little bit more photogenic! He tends to spend more time braving the office then Maxxis does. However, one foot step or movement from a human and he's out the door! 

I have tried telling them how good the life is downstairs but they just won't have it. 

So there you go, now you have proof that there really are other cats upstairs... 

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