Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fujilicious Pepperoni

Hey Everybody!
Milo here. I'm moving kind of slow today because last night there was a meeting with Ron Lauber, the rep from Fuji, Breezer, SE, and the staff. Now, meetings for me usually only mean that there are more people in a smaller space who can pet me, but someone brilliant, and ridiculously good-looking I'm sure, decided to order Pizza! While everybody was Oooing and Ahhhing at the new bikes and stories I was busy cleaning off plates of pepperoni, barbecue chicken, and pizza crust. At one point Beth caught me licking up her leftover barbecue sauce and I thought my grazing days were over. Luckily, she got caught up telling stories about Joe Breeze's bicycles and Gary Fisher's eccentric wardrobe. I wonder if the girls at B&L Too will make me a jacket out of grandma's old drapes. And I'd really like to talk to this Joe Breeze guy. . . Anyhow, I'm so full today I could really use some belly rubs.
Mi. . . *buuurrp* Excuse me.
Milo Out.

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