Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is coming!

Meow! I can't believe it's already March. The sun is out, and that means there are people feasting on sandwiches down the street at Zia's from whom I might receive a sampling of turkey or prosciutto. Oh the happiness of spring! As the weather gets nicer, more and more  people are getting out on their bikes, and nothing could make me happier. Well, I might be a bit happier if Emelia were sharing more of her snacks with me, but she does do most of the typing [gee thanks Milo]. The dexterity of my paws is just not what it used to be, unless treats are involved, then I have the reflexes of a jungle jaguar.

With spring on the way, there are so many wonderful things coming our way. The Davis Bike Club's annual March Madness is already underway. Go check out their website to find out how every mile ridden this month can go towards getting helmets on more kids' heads.

Now, all that is all well and good, but my absolute favorite thing going on in March is
LADIE'S NIGHT on March 17th from 6-9pm. 
There are going to be snacks, wine, chocolate, bicycles, bicycle accessories,  clothing fittings and education, local businesses catering to women-specific needs, raffles, door prizes and the list goes on and on and on and on. It's a night all about the ladies.If you bring your bike we'll even give it a quick tune up along with a tube and tire clinic. We're raffling off all kinds of free stuff, including a KHS bicycle! I had to wrestle an incredibly cute Chrome cycle cap from Emelia the other day [still bitter about that]. Quiet you! [sorry *hmph*]. The deal is that all of the raffle proceeds will go to benefit Susan Ashdown, a super rad, local gal and the Nor Cal Aids Ride. [why didn't you say it was going to a good cause? Now, I just feel silly about the whole cap fiasco].

So come hang out with us Thursday, March 17th. I'll be prowling around with my new lion cut by then I hope. Oh, and remember it's St. Patty's day and instead of pinching you if you don't wear green I'll simply demand a treat or belly rub.

Happy Riding!


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