Friday, March 11, 2011

I am Milo. Hear me ROAR!

It's a stressful job as the official shop cat and marketing director for B & L and B & L Too...  I have to help customer's find the perfect bike, defend the premises from those slobbering creatures humans affectionately call dogs, although, in my opinion, there is nothing affectionate about those weirdos, and I have to help bring in the customer's over at B & L Too with my cuteness. We just received a ton of new spring items that the girls don't know a thing about. [HEY! That's not true at all]  Girls, Please. So, it's no wonder why I need 15 power naps a day. Yet, despite its difficulties this job has its perks every now and then.

I was in need of a bit of respite, and I want to look my absolute best for Ladies Night next week, so I spent most of yesterday at the salon with the lovely ladies at The Craft of Fo' Paws. I told the girls that I would like my Spring Lion cut and boy did they deliver. The service was just divine and I've been busy strutting my stuff all day. Why? Because I'm FABULOUS!

Yes Ladies, that's right. I'm Milo the Kitty Lion and I'm here to melt your hearts with my ferocious cuteness.
Get ready: March 17th from 6-9pm at B & L and B & L Too. Saint Patty's day has nothing on me.

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