Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kitty Lion trumps Elephant any day

It's tough being King of the Urban Jungle, but someone has to take charge of this pride. My word is usually everyone's command, but lately competition has been rising up in the land of  B & L. A colossal, blue creature is roaming the back rooms of B & L and the staff quakes with fear of the unknown. She sits on bicycles, waiting to be repaired and dares the staff to cross her path.

Upon further investigation, we have deduced that the creature is an elephant of the hephalump family. We have yet to name her, but here she stays. So, I'm writing today to beg your assistance . . . what should we do with this strange creature? She's bike friendly, and I've tamed her over the course of the last few months.
 Now, the question is . . . what do we do with her? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Put wheels on her, of course! Probably four, and maybe a sidecar...

Milo's Corner said...

I like it. But first we must name her.