Friday, March 18, 2011

Ladies Night and Sales of Self-Defense

Top of the Mornin’ to Ya!
Ladies Night was a wild success and I received more belly-rubs than any lion, I mean cat, knows what to do with. I just wanted to get on here between nap number seven and eight to say a big thank you to everybody at B & L and Susan Ashdown for all their hard work. Over $500 was raised for the Nor Cal Aids ride and Judith Givens walked away with a brand new Cidi 3 commuter bicycle.  Another big thank you everyone who stopped by for the festivities. I had an absolute blast and loved celebrating Saint Patty’s day with all the lovely ladies and daring gentlemen who joined us yesterday evening.I'm still full and a bit tipsy from the cheese, crackers, chocolate and wine tasting. If you had half as much fun as me we can count this as a job well done. Unfortunately, not everyone was as happy as me when all was ended.

Despite threats, no kilt-clad, wig-wearing, or falsetto speaking men showed up to brave the swell seas of estrogen. My legal council has informed me that due to riotous swarms of disgruntled men, who felt snubbed by the gender specific event, it would be wise to extend our special sales for the rest of the weekend. In the spirit of good will and general merriment, I say YES! 


So, this fabulous feline would like to invite one and all of all shapes, sizes, and plumbing back to B & L and B & L Too for more specials.

Take a break from the rain and come check out our sweet deals. Our sales staff is lonesome and we never want anyone to feel left out!

P.S. Gentlemen, your time will come too I promise.

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