Sunday, November 6, 2011

Item of the Week!

Welcome to Milo's Item/s of the week! [meow.. I am so sorry it took me so long to post] I hope you all had a wonderful week. 

Did you dress up for halloween or take the kiddos trick or treating last Monday? I saw lots of wonderful costumes  [although Im a little scared of those who dress up.. meow...] Check out B&L Bike Shop's Facebook and vote for the best dressed staff member pictures will be posted today!

Well lets get to it. Today I start the Item of the Week Blog phase. Hopefully [meow.. as i like to slack off a bit] I will be posting Items of the week every Sunday. This will be were I mention what we have in the store that is new or something we are putting on sale. This blog will cover both B&L Bike Shop and B&L Too.. 

This week we are focusing on what we have on sale over at B&L Too.. 

Woman's Cross Sport Tank - 

This jersey is currently $ 34.99 Save 30% through Saturday November 11th and Pay $24.49 

ALSO The Men's 

This jersey is normal $34.99 and is also now on sale for $24.99

Make sure you stop in to see me [meow.. I love treats..] and pick up one of these two jerseys as they are at a kitty spiracular deal! If it weren't for me [Milo...thats right...] you wouldn't be getting such great deals.. 

Hope to see you in B&L too. this week! 
Also make sure you stop in at B&L Bike Shop and check out some of Electra's 2012 Cruisers! I have pictured a few below for you! 

Stop by later this week as  I'll be introducing Adam a pretty cool guy in the Shop on
 Tuesday's Staff Picks 

Milo Out!!!!

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