Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Staff Tuesdays: Introducing the Boss Lady!!!

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Did you go trick or treating or take the kiddos out? I saw lots of amazing costumes as the kiddos wandered through Davis collecting Candy! I was dressed up as a cute little pumpkin. Check out My Facebook page to see a Picture!

MEOW!!! It's Tuesday and there is no dragging my paws on telling you about the next staff member at B&L... This is my favorite person yet to post about.... Beth Annon-Lovering... my dear owner and the owner of the bicycle shop. I owe all my thanks to this lady because her and her husband brought me in off the streets and gave me a wonderful home.. [meow..sniff...sniff...meow]

So without further Kitty-a-due I introduce to you Beth Annon-Lovering!
 She has also gone /goes by Rita, The Queen and Mom!

Waiting at the airport to head off to a bicycle conference
Beth has been the owner of B&L Bike Shop since May of 1997! However, she has been in the industry for 20 years.  She started out as a credit manager for J&B Importers, became a sales rep and then bought a couple stores. Now she strictly runs B&L Bike Shop!

Beth was born on September 6th. She told me to keep her birth year hush hush! [Meow..1968..shh...I didn't say anything...meow]

Beth has 4 bicycles of her own... A mountain bike, a road bike, a tandem and her favorite Electra Townie. You will find her riding around town, to and from work on her bright green Townie. She likes to try and put me in the basket and ride around too. However, it doesn't tend to last that long because I prefer to be on the ground...
Beth and her Townie saying Good-Bye to her daughter Christy

Beth likes riding bicycles because she enjoys the freedom she feels when out on a ride. She says, "Commuting to work makes the day start off in a more relaxed, organized mode. As it gives me time to think about the things I want to do during the day."

An interesting fact about Beth: She loves to wrench! When she needs a break from all the office work and stuff it takes to run a business you can find her in the shop working on bicycles and getting pretty greasy!

As I said earlier, Beth is my favorite person here at B&L bike shop... she saved me and buys all my treats. I do have to say I think she is a pretty relaxed boss, but makes sure I keep my minions under control and on task!

So I stated last week that on Sunday I would start to post the Weekly Items.. to inform you about what we have in our Shop and at B&L too... However I am a little behind and wont be posting my first Weekly Items post until this Sunday November 6th.

I will tell you that you can stop by B&L Too though and check out the Weekly Jersey and receive 30% on that jersey till Saturday November 5th.. There is one Men's and one Women's Jersey on display and Sale this week.

Tune in next week for the new weekly items for both stores... I promise to post!!! [Meow...too many treats this weekend to do my post as I said I would...Meow... I'm sorry]

Till then, I leave you with a thought from Beth: "That which doesn't kill you only serves to make you stronger!"

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