Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Staff Tuesday: Lindsay

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Are you all ready to feast away on Thanksgiving? I know I am... the boss lady normally stops by and drops off a piece of turkey for me but she's laying on the beach in Mexico... So, hopefully, one of my minions will drop off something yummy for me..

Well it's Tuesday and I've been itching to tell you about one of my newest minions.  

So without further Kitty-a-due I introduce to you Lindsay!
~ Also know as the New Girl ~

Lindsay started working here last month and I love her already.. She gives me just the right amount of attention every day she is in.

Lindsay was born on September 11th 1989... Again another September baby! [Meow..all my minions were born in September it seems.]

 Lindsay likes to ride around woodland with her best friend. Lindsay has a cruiser that she doesn't feel she gets to ride enough!

Lindsay says "Riding is way more fun than walking!" I agree with her, I wish I could be wheeled around in a pet basket all day!

An interesting fact about Lindsay: She's scared of tape and stickers... better remember to never bring any of those around her.

I also just want to mention that you should keep any eye out for the fantastic sales coming up for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! I know the ladies in the office have been crunching numbers and preparing to offer everyone some great prices.. 

Tune in next week for the new weekly items for both stores, a glance at our 12 days of Christmas specials and of course another Staff Tuesday!!!

Till then, I leave you with a thought from Lindsay: "What was is not what will be. Let hope light your path in life's journey and it will set you free !"

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