Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Nov 21st - Items of the Week

It's that time again, where I tell you what you need to come in and look at! [mainly because it means you can come in and see me.. shh don't tell the boss lady I said that...meow...] 

Well let's get to it...
 [I need to rest up for the week ahead of me...meow...]

Sunday Nov 21st - Saturday Nov 26th 

Item of the Week 

At B&L Bike Shop:

If you have not come by to see the newly introduced Electra Verse's you are missing out! 

Electra introduced the Verse 21D and Verse 24D to their line up in August 2011

We were lucky enough to have a party in honor of the new Verse line-up too! 

I got word today that Electra lowered the price on these beautiful rides. 

The Verse 21D Originally $579.99 is NOW $539.99
The Verse 24D Originally $679.99 is NOW $639.99

The bikes come in some beautiful colors too.. 

Stop in and take one out for a spin you will fall in love right away!

Item of the Week 

At B&L Bike too:

This week on sale at B&L too we have:
 The Women's Cross Sport Jersey 
Normally $40.00 This week-ONLY $28.00

As well as:
 The Men's Milano V Jersey 
Normally $59.99 This week-ONLY $42.99

Make sure you stop by both stores this week! 
The jersey deals are unbelievable and the Electra Verse is such a cool ride.

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