Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Staff Tuesday: Alex

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend. I got a lot of attention yesterday as everyone was out shopping on their day off.

Today I have a newer minion to introduce to you!
His name is Alexander

~ But we call him Alex ~

Alex started working for us back in October and seems to fit in with our family quite well.

Alex’s birthday is December 20th 1985…
That makes him a Christmas baby!

Alex owns a Schwinn Traveler and rides it to and from work and school.

Alex says the longest he has ever ridden was probably around 15 miles. He used to bicycle through the trails in the forest behind his neighborhood growing up.
 [I do remember him talking to me about someday wanting to ride across the country though]

Alex likes riding his bicycle because he feels more connected to the Elements.

He has been riding his bicycle all of his life. However, this is Alex’s first job within the industry.

An interesting fact about Alex: His father is a famous astrohsicist and discovered the first “habitable” planet around a star 20 light years away. Its formal name is “Gliese581g”, but it’s known informally as “Zarmina’s World” after his mother. [Meow interesting]

Well there you have it. Alex our newest member and my newest minion!!!

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