Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Staff Tuesdays: Ben

Happy Tuesday! Did you check out the sale items this week on yesterday’s post? If not, stop by our website at www.blbikeshop.com to check them out.

Today, I am introducing a minion who has been around for a while now!

Introducing Ben!!

He was unsuccessful at getting my typist a picture so we will call him Faceless  Ben!

Ben has worked for the bike shop for about 2 years now. He is the Sales Supervisor and a pretty cool cat!

Ben was born in 1963… I’m not sure of the date since he left that information out in our conversation…

Ben owns a hand-built 1985 Fisher Mountain Bike and a “Junker” Huffy Cruiser!

Ben once rode 88 miles once on knobby tires! He said, “I was having fun in the glory days of my youth, and, in my foolishness, I rode from Old Sacramento on the bike trail to Granite Bay.”

Ben likes riding his bicycle because it makes him feel good!!!

Ben has been into cycling as a hobby for 26 years and has worked in the industry for about 2 years!

An interesting fact about Ben: He makes sourdough bread from scratch and builds long boards too… [I’ve seen Emelia rolling around on one... I wonder if he can make one for me to roll down the sidewalk on?]

So there you have it. I have 3 more minions to introduce to you, as well as my brother Pedro and Maxxis, so keep an eye out for those upcoming posts in the next few weeks. Once I have introduced everyone, I will need a blog topic for Tuesdays… Any ideas?

Well until my next post I leave you with a quote Ben wanted me to share:

Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy! – Ben Franklin

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helena said...

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