Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Item of the Week: Clearance!!!

Good morning my minions... 
I hope you all had a wonderful week and are enjoying your weekend. 
I had a fun filled week listening to all my minions at the bike shop tell me about their Holiday vacations as they all slowly returned back to work. 

With out further kitty a doo doo... I would like to spread the news on to you about B&L Bike Shop and B&L too...'s clearance sections. 

I've been told by the boss ladies that its time to clear out some discontinued products. The shop has an over flowing table and B&L too.. has a stuffed full rack! Discounts at both stores range from 30-50% OFF! 

Make sure you stop in and get your bicycle and yourself decked out in amazing accessories for 2012. You can't beat the savings my boss ladies have to offer! 

Also remember the following items are on sale for 
the WHOLE month of January!!!

Bellweather Arm, Knee & Leg Warmers 30% OFF!

Knog Boomer Lights (Front and Rear) 30% OFF

Nantucket Bike Baskets 20% OFF

I hope to see you in the stores this month! I am running low on kitty treats [Hint Hint], I prefer Greenies and love the chicken flavor!

Have a Meow-tastic Week!!!

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