Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Staff Tuesday: Dave

Happy Tuesday! Did you check out the sale items this week on yesterday’s post? If not, stop by our website at www.blbikeshop.com to check them out. This week we have an Electra Bicycle on sale - not something that happens to often around here

Today, I am introducing a minion who has been around for almost a year now! Although, I’m not sure I can call him a minion, as he is a giant in my opinion!

I would like to introduce to you Dave

Dave like Ben was unsuccessful at getting my typist a picture so I think this one will have to do… I found it on the Davis Bicycle Clubs Website this is Dave racing in the 4th of July Criterium. He was 1st Place Winner in that race. 

Dave started working at the bicycle shop in March of last year and he’s quite the sales person. Although, his toe shoes tend to scare me a bit: now he has half of the staff wearing them.

Dave was born on August 30th, ???? He’s not into sharing his age. I am going to guess 27 but I could be wrong. I’ll have to ask one of the boss ladies to pull his file and fill me in on the so-called secret. 

Dave has a total of six bicycles…. Yes I said six I will just list the types of bicycles to make it easy on everyone. He has a Road, Cyclocross, Track, Fixed, Triathlon and Time Trial bicycle.

Dave says for fun in the summer of 2005 he rode 169 miles. Doesn’t sound too much like fun to me, maybe if I were in one of those pet baskets it wouldn’t be so bad though?

Dave like so many of the other staff members I have introduced to you truly enjoys cycling because of the freedom it brings him. It’s like I have said before I really love the freedom I feel when I get to walk up and down the sidewalk in front of the shop. It’s the same thing right?

Dave has been riding bicycles since he was three years old. If I was correct on his age that would be for 24 years.  However, Dave has been working within the cycling industry for at least four years now. I guess that means we B&L wasn’t his first industry job… sniff sniff… that means I Milo the Shop Cat didn’t have an impact on his love for cycling… well maybe I have and after reading this he will let me know…

So there you have it. I have 2 more minions to introduce to you, as well as my brother Pedro and Maxxis, so keep an eye out for those upcoming posts in the next few weeks.

Once I have introduced everyone, I might be retiring my blog. That is unless people start subscribing to my blog. As of right now I’m not sure I am writing to anyone. So SAVE MY BLOG!!! Subscribe now!

However, I have been told if my blog is retired I will have guest appearances on the B&L Bike Shop blog that is in the works.

Well until my next post I leave you with a quote from Dave

“It never gets easier, you just go faster” – Greg LeMond

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