Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Staff Tuesday: Emelia

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. School is back in session at UCD and there have been a lot more feet and wheels to avoid this past week.

Today I have someone very interesting to introduce to you!
 Emelia is her name and she is one cool cat!

~ Also known as “Care Bear” and “Em”~
Emelia has been working for B&L Bike Shop for 1 year as of TODAY!

Emelia first started out at B&L too… [where I grew very fond of her]. After taking the summer off, she joined the boys on the sales floor over on the shop side of things, and back in November she moved up to the office and is now the Office Manager or Slave to the boss ladies as she calls it. 
Emelia was born on December 1st

Emelia owns a 1970’s Univega from her Mom’s college days. It was also used to pull her around when she was a wee little one. She also owns a Full Suspension Giant NRS mountain bike and a Specialized Roubaix that is covered in stickers and named Racine, after a French author.

Emelia has seemed to always enjoy cycling. She was crazy enough to one time ride from the coast of Oregon to Nashville, Tennessee with a bunch of friends from college. They did this ride to raise money to build wells in Africa. After 2600 miles and 40 days of riding Emelia says her tush is still mad at her. [I pawnder the thought, “Will she ever do it again”]

Emelia loves cycling! She says she loves it because cycling is something that she can do with friends, strangers, or alone. Emelia says, “While I am out riding I see the world from a totally different and deeper perspective than I would if I were driving a car. It’s a great place to think or avoid thinking depending on the day.” [This is what I wish I could say when they make me come in from wandering around outside! I just love the fresh air . . . oh and bugs…]

Emelia started mountain biking as a young teenager and has been road riding for almost 4 years now.

An interesting fact about Emelia: She lived in Peru for 8 months trying to teach English, and for four of those months worked with elementary school students. She Says, “It was like trying to herd a flock of Spanish speaking cats…on a sugar high.”

When asked to give my thoughts on Emelia my first response is always, "If I say something nice do I get a treat?" Followed by the cutest meow's imaginable.
Don’t forget to stop in and check out those Clearance Items I mentioned on Sunday! Next Sunday I will focus in on specific items on Clearance.

Till then, I leave you with a favorite quote of Emelia’s
 "Drive fast. Take Chances” ~Her Dad

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